One of the key metrics around all crypto projects is the number of social signals the community of a project generates.

On the LunarCRUSH home page the title explains this as


Discover how social media impacts cryptocurrency markets.

Watch the video below to learn more about how LunarCRUSH knows that social metrics affect a projects success.

In the medium article by Dapp.com they state “social media popularity could also indicate the token price performance.”

So the more a project gets mentioned across social media the more an assets price is affected.

Why would social signals affect a projects price?

The more social signals a project generates, the more reach and awareness in the crypto world it generates, the more awareness it generates, the more the FOMO factor kicks in.

As the price starts to rise, more holders generate more social signals, which in turns helps feed into more awareness, more price increase and so the nice self-feeding cycle is created.

Not all signals are equal

Sentiment analysis social signals are split into different segments based on their sentiment, positive or negative,
A large percentage of positive sentiment signals the higher the correlation for a price increase
A large percentage of negative sentiment signals the higher the correlation for a price decrease.

 Reuters covered this some time ago with the article

“For some, the answer lies on social media. Hedge funds and asset managers seeking an edge are training computers to scrape social media sites for triggers that could move the price of digital currencies

“Such “sentiment analysis,” as computer-driven reading of the social media mood is known, is used as a tool in traditional markets like equities and foreign exchange to trade on consumer feelings toward a company or asset.”

“It’s an arms race for money managers,” said Bin Ren, CEO of Elwood Asset Management”

Making sense of chaos? Algos scour social media for clues to crypto moves

How sentiment moves markets.

One of the most obvious places to see this in action is watching a new project get shilled on 4chan. A body of users decides to generate a huge amount of positive messages around a project (Aka “Copypastas”) this generates awareness.

Generally, the messages will only focus on the good things about a project, like ” how it will save the world” or ” this project can easily go 20X from here” or ” its like project XYZ, that has a market cap of $10 billion, this is only $10 million” throw in some ” enjoy staying poor” “WGMI” and with some luck, the initial buying group is formed.

Of course, there will be push back, what with it being 4chan, but with enough bulls pushing the narrative, it is possible to hook enough people in to get a new project building volume and then easily banking some X times gains.

For more established projects social signals help to play a big part in determining the success of a project as described above.

How can I help?

We would like to run for the “A tweet a day, keeps the dips at bay” experiment. Each and every day, we generate at least 3 tweets on Twitter, all containing the following hashtags.

#GRT $GRT #GRTFAM #thereisasubgraphforthat #Graphtronauts

You can simply. retweet one of our tweets or create your own and include the hashtags above.

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I don’t believe some Tweets can impact the price!

The chart below tracks, the social signals and the price action of GRT, starting to see some correlation yet?

Lets not forget Google search trends as well

Go search Google for GRT do this often,

On a Telegram channel that has Cryptowhale bot installed type

/Google GRT

to pull up the historic data on GRT searches on Google.


Spending less than 2 minutes of your day

Retweeting, Liking or writing your own tweets with the hashtags below, can help influence the price of GRT

Hashtags to include #GRT $GRT

Optional tags #GRTFAM #thereisasubgraphforthat #Graphtronauts

But doesn’t this sound like effort?

We get it, not many folks like putting in any effort, so we have curated the top 25 most bullish GRT accounts on Twitter just for YOU, their recent tweets ( it updates every 4 hours) will be displayed beneath, just click, like, retweet icons.

We cannot make it much easier for you than this.

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If you don’t understand anything about the ideas on this post, please ask in the group Graphtronauts Telegram

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