Your community needs you

We have been busy building tools to benefit, not just members of the Graphtronauts community, but the wider GRT ecosystem.

We are ready to run through the first round of Graphtronauts community beta testers, the platform has already been through two previous rounds of testing and refinement, the Admin team and the OG Holders team.

We have made the system as simple as possible to use and would love to get your feedback and thoughts on the platform, to see if there are any further improvements required.

At this time we only need 100 beta testers

What do I need?

You will need to be delegating GRT and have your delegator ID to hand.

What are we testing?

We will reveal that just prior to taking you through the platform, we will be accessing publicly available data from the Graph network.

How long will it take?

The whole thing from start to end will take less than 5 minutes, one of the Graphtronaut admins will PM on Telegram asking for you to reply at your convenience, please be ready to complete the test then, not to come back at a later date. (This would be a waste of a Beta tester slot and users who have just signed up to be nosey and not take part may be muted in the main channel)

Once you reply that you are able to spend 5 minutes completing the Beta test,

You will be sent an invite message, the link to the platform will be sent to you.

Two simple tasks will be asked of you, we are interested in finding how easy the platform has been made and can you do this independently, the admin will be available on Telegram.

There is a 1-minute exit survey once you have completed

Are there any risks, Do I have to donate any organs?

At no point are you or anyone else or ourselves able to access any of your GRT, the platform only has one way in and one way out of delegation, the official delegation platform.

None of your organs will be taken during this Beta test, or at any point in the future

OK I understand and I am ready Let’s Go

Please use the @ version of your TG username
You will not be able to take part in Beta Testing if you are currently not delegating, Thank you for showing an interest
Delegator ID will be required to test the functions of the platform. No logins or wallet authorise will be required. All functions are querying data that is freely available on the Graph network.

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