I am not sure if any of you are familiar with Anthony Pompliano (POMP). But he is a veteran in the space and a bitcoin supporter. If you haven’t looked into him already I recommend you do so. POMP articulates himself very well while making strong cases for Bitcoin becoming the new gold and more. I recommend that you follow his youtube channel to get more familiar with his content, link to the channel below: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCevXpeL8cNyAnww-NqJ4m2w

The reason why I mention him is because of his investing strategy around Bitcoin, he does not worry himself with price action. He looks at how assets with a store of value were treated throughout history. For example in the past in India gold was a family heirloom, you would buy up as much gold as possible and then pass it on to the next family member. Moreover, each generation would become that much more well off than the next. This is what POMP is doing with bitcoin. He discusses this in-depth in his podcast with Lex Fridman at around the 1hour:48min mark, link below :


Why are you talking about Bitcoin R? We are a group of Graphtronauts and most importantly GRT HODLers. It is because I take inspiration from POMP. Moreover, considering how undervalued GRT is in my opinion, I see that buying GRT consistently over the next couple of months and years is not going to be for my short term gain, no it is for my long term gains.

This project is much more than a simple 2x or 3x this could and most likely will be the backbone of web3, the new era of de-fi and potentially a life-changing investment. Therefore when I am investing in GRT I am holding the same sentiment as POMP does with Bitcoin, this is the longest of plays for me.

When investing in a project you always need to ask yourself several questions.

Do I believe in the fundamentals of this project?

Is the project crucial to the area it is in?

Does the team running the project have what it takes to make it a success?

However, luckily for us Graphtronauts, the answer to all three of those questions is yes, this is why I will be investing in GRT as POMP does Bitcoin. If you enjoyed reading this blog post be sure to check out another one of our posts below:



As always none of this is financial advice and I recommend you do your own research. Be sure to follow the Graphtronauts on our alternative socials if you haven’t already:

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