At the Graphtronauts we are proud to announce the launch of our new indexer review platform (a bit late announcing it here we know), nevertheless, we are excited to share with you this new platform and the thoughts of its users!

Why a review platform?

Well, the answer is simple really, at the Graphtronauts we want to build trust through data. We realised that a lot of delegators to be were interested in how to pick the best indexer, at the time a lot of the responses were numerically orientated.

There are a lot of very useful calculators out there to work out your estimated APY’s and more, however, we felt this missed a human touch, when making such choices you want to be able to rely on the people you are trusting in and numbers can only go so far in helping with that.

We wanted to provide a platform that shows indexers as more than numbers, we wanted to be able to give delegators insight into how responsive an indexer is, how helpful they are and so much more.

More importantly, we wanted you to hear all of this from the community, that is why our platform allows anyone who delegates to leave a review to their indexer, we think this is a vital step in helping potential delegators and existing delegators to find the best choice for them.

How does it work?

Well, again the answer is really simple. In a few steps you can review an indexer!

Step1: Sign in to our site via telegram, facebook or twitter!

Step 2: Head over to the network page, once there you will be asked to add your wallet address, for users already signed up this step is not necessary.

Step3: Click the review button for the desired indexer. Once you have added in your wallet address you will see an overview of your wallet and the different indexers you delegate to, this is where you can click the review button.

Step3: Leave your star based review, with a comment for your indexer if desired.

It is really that easy but just in case my words did not do the processes simplicity justice, take a look at the quick tutorial below!

Early thoughts from delegators……..

“I have enjoyed it. I Loved that you can review indexers, that it calculates earnings so it’s less of a math headache for me. You don’t need to use a large and complex Excel spreadsheet to figure out whether an indexer will give good returns. The Graphtronauts have made huge strides from the version 1 site to their new version 2 layout. I am excited to see the next steps for this community.”

J-B – Delegator

“The Graphtronauts review platform is super helpful! The long list of indexers can be daunting to look at. The addition of delegator reviews helps give useful context to the list of numbers and percentages strewn across the page. I really like the ability to rate specific areas for each indexer, showing their strengths and weaknesses. I look forward to seeing the number of reviews grow over time, helping future delegators weed out the questionable options and highlight superb teams!”

N-Sun – Delegator

“The Graphtronauts Indexer Review platform helps make the Graph Protocol a friendly and interactive way to get involved in the Web3 movement. Being able to log in through Telegram makes everything as convenient as possible, and by reading the reviews I am able to figure out who I should delegate my tokens to and why. Being able to interact with some of these indexers through the Graphtronauts Telegram Group is a plus, and by writing reviews I can help grow the GRT delegation community, as well as the protocol as a whole!”

Michael – Delegator

Early thoughts from indexers……….

“Citadel.one is excited about The Graphtronauts indexer profile page that is very convenient for both indexers and delegators. Delegators can check indexers’ rankings, % of cuts, make use of rewards calculator, check indexers’ bio and other useful information. As Citadel.one is The Graph indexer, we’re happy to have an opportunity presenting our profile and receive reviews about our job.”

Citadel.one – Indexer

“Reliable, open and unbiased information about Indexers is really important for the long term well-being of the Graph network. Delegators play a crucial part in a network’s security through delegating their stake and they can actively support certain Indexers or contribute to reaching stake decentralization. We were really happy to see the review feature implemented on the Graphtronauts platform, as this does not only help new delegators with their Indexer research, but increases the engagement of the community overall, which is always a sign of a healthy ecosystem. As an Indexer, this type of review feature also helps us to receive direct & constructive feedback while taking accountability for our actions and performance.”

Chainode Tech – Indexer

In conclusion, I think it is safe to say a platform is a necessary tool in our ever-growing community! The next step is ensuring enough delegators are using it to allow for it to really do what it is supposed to. For this next step we need YOU, please help us get the word out there with our new reviewing platform in 3 simple steps.

  1. Share the article you are reading on all your crypto-related socials and tag @Graphtronauts.
  2. Tell your indexer about the platform, let them know if you have left a review.
  3. Join our socials for any questions about the platform, socials below:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/graphtronauts

Telegram: https://t.me/graphtronauts

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