I am a graph (GRT) token holder and a procurement supply chain professional. This article provides a long term opinion on what the project could grow to be and is not and should not be considered financial advice; however after seeing the recent update on new blockchain partnerships such as Binance Chain and others I only felt it right to share why I believe this matters and why I see it as a great thing and amazing for the future of blockchains and digital data. If you need background on me feel free to review my LinkedIn profile at https://www.linkedin.com/in/kylebeagle/ or connect with me on twitter @BeagleKyle. I am also considering doing some YouTube videos in the future so if you want to find me there just message me as I am still setting that up and it may be a little before I start posting.

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Data on the Blockchains with out GRT

To explain why the graph protocol matters and why it is the future of the blockchain and global data cross the world. Image how much data is collected in a given day. Just like a file room or library when initially collected it look like the above now imaging trying to find anything in this mess. The picture above is the blockchain data ecosystem to a non coder with out an easy search function.

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What GRT does for a single block chain

Now take a look at this picture. This is what the graph protocol would do for one blockchain to make it much more organized and easy to find data. Of course this is just one set of data and may not give a full picture when pulling data as it could be multi factor data or have like data on other chains that needs to be correlated etc. The initial iteration of the graph in a nutshell took picture 1 to picture 2 as a concept of data on the block chain being brought off the chain for functional analysis and use.

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GRT with multi chain curating and indexing.

Now take a look at the third picture. This is the Graph (GRT) in perfection. A multi-chain tool that can pull data across chain and combine and aggerate data in a quick and easy tool with seamless operations through functional multi-chain structures of indexes, curators, delegators and hopefully eventually aggregators to combine multi tier data with similar cross chain elements.

As one can see going from picture 1 to picture 3 is quite the undertaking and can often take years. Thing is GRT is doing this at lighting speed and showing up competitors and demonstrating the power of bring data to the chains by showing how it can be organized and taken off for functional use and combined from multiple chains to analyze and use in real word scenarios. Anyone who deals with email overload or other digital upkeep can see why going from pic one to pic three matters. You go from getting 1000 emails in a day which seem crazy to sort through to an auto sort and level of importance algorithm based on Graph parameters giving you the ones that mater the most. You could apply to same concept to digital databases, or file rooms or even libraries and see why this matters. With the addition of cross chain Graph (GRT) will only get better and better and is great future positioning for the protocol. All I can say is good job and can’t wait to see what’s next for the ecosystem.

Written by @BeagleKyle please give him a follow also on medium @ BeagleKyle

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