My name is Filippo, I am Italian and I am almost 30 years old.
I have always been passionate about web development, and this has been my job for the past 10 years.
Now I work as a Project Manager for a large Italian multinational, but I can’t stay away from the lines of code.

I have been in the crypto world for just 2 years, without too much effort, a bit for fun.
When I discovered The Graph I fell in love with it and I decided to do my best to help the community understand the importance of this project for the future of the Web3.

When I joined Telegram’s Graphtronauts group mine was a simple aid in configuring the various moderation bots, but then I made the Telegram bot @GraphtronautsBot which helped grow our group with functions more suited to the context of The Graph.

The next step was the creation and configuration of our beautiful website that you are browsing right now.

What will the next step be?

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