Hi, I’m the self proclaimed Crypto Man,

I am 28 years old from the UK. I am very new to crypto as a whole and my first serious investment happened to be The Graph, it listed on my birthday so it must of been a sign!

I have been lucky enough to be part of this amazing community since the beginning and it has taught me so much already, not only about The Graph and their project but the entire crypto space as a whole. Since investing I took it upon myself to better my knowledge of how The Graph will play a pivotal role in Web 3.0 and that really opened my eyes about the potential this project really does have.

You will find me in the Telegram group chat predominantly, engaging and answering questions which not too long ago were the questions that I was asking, so don’t be nervous about asking anything!

I enjoy working with the rest of the team to strengthen and grow YOUR community by providing well thought out advice in regards to delegating or providing you with a platform to pick an Indexer. I genuinely enjoy conversing with all members and my aim is to better your experience HODLing GRT.

Bears beware, I’m as BULLISH as they come.

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