Hey, I’m N Sun!

I’m a 24 year old from the United States. I’m fairly new to crypto, only having delved in during November 2020. However, I have been part of The Graph community since the early days of its mainnet launch.

After its release on Coinbase, it only took me five minutes of researching before I knew I had stumbled upon a hidden gem. I bought in as soon as I could, and have been adding little by little ever since.

As GRT matured, I learned a lot more about crypto, The Graph project, and the team’s vision for its future. This has greatly inspired me to be a strong advocate for it!

You’ll find me engaging on Twitter, or our Telegram chat, trying my best to inform people of this amazing project. I do my best to spread the word, answer questions when I can, dispel misconceptions, and guide new joiners on how to delegate so GRT is properly put to use in the network.

My hope is GRT, alongside other useful projects, will help accelerate the widespread adoption of Web3. I look forward to a more decentralized way of doing things online, and I know GRT will play a vital role in making this happen. I encourage anyone interested in learning more about The Graph to reach out to any one of us on The Graphtronauts team.

We’d love to help you become a fellow Graphtronaut delegator, strengthening the network and helping take each member of the community to the moon!

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