We are a group of individuals dedicated to all things related to The Graph Protocol, and are the number one unofficial group for all things GRT.

The origin of The Graphtronauts came about when I sought out a community for this great project on Telegram. Unfortunately, price talk was not allowed in the Official group, so I was directed to the GraphMarket group, which at the time was overrun with FUDders.

I couldn’t understand why there wasn’t a group for those who believed in the long term fundamentals of this great project. Whenever we were experiencing a dip, it seemed hysteria overwhelmed the group. Consequently, another member of the community and I thought to create a separate Telegram group for those who were immune to price action and willing to both HODL and share their passion for the fundamentals of the project. Thus, a new group was formed.

Initially, we referred to ourselves as the Graph Marines. However, after noticing some members preferred we create our own unique identity, we became The Graphtronauts (a name voted on by our community).

Since our inception in late 2020, our Telegram has seen substantial member growth. Additionally, we have been building up The Graphtronaut community on Reddit and Twitter. We have no plans on stopping there, though. We intend on building up this site as a source for all things GRT, including helpful resources, merchandise, links to other great unofficial teams in The Graph space, and much, much more.

We HODL, We Delegate, We Educate, this is The Graphtronauts way!

– R

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